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Integrated Solutions Through Energy & Environmental Technology

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  • Afdeling Installatiebeheer

    “By organizing our work differently we are future proof.”

  • De Jong wint FD Gazelle Award 2013

    On 19 November De Jong once again won the FD Gazellen Award.

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The A. de Jong Group, a good partner

The A. de Jong Group is a family owned business with over 135 years of experience in the field of energy and environmental technologies. Our 250 expert employees take a great deal of pleasure in trying to protect the environment. Through intensive research and the deployment of safe, clean and efficient, air conditioning, energy and burner systems we adopt a sustainable approach to our living environment.

Our innovative product groups for CO2 reduction

The A. de Jong Group has been making a contribution towards reducing negative environmental impacts for years. We do this with our two innovative environmentally friendly product groups: building-related air conditioning systems (systems that regulate the indoor climate of buildings) and industrial burners. As a result of this our total CO2 reduction amounts to 1200 kton a year, which is comparable to the total annual CO2 emission of a town the size of Arnhem with a population of 150,000.

We protect the environment

Everything that we at the A. de Jong Group do, contributes towards reducing energy consumption, increasing efficiency and reducing negative environmental impacts and the emission of harmful substances. In short, preservation!